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registered my chat room with google lively with family long time ids or subdomains

posted Jul 11, 2008, 10:12 PM by Benz rad   [ updated Jul 11, 2008, 10:14 PM ]
i got the availability of google the day before yesterday. i again loathed to register my accounts. but yesterday when reading in google reader, i felt the instant hearing and seeing function among people all around the world would be amazing and greatly improve my contact method  with the world outside of China, the dog dorminated land. so i launched to register my old user id. but to my astonishment, quite some my old user id or subdomain domain were unavailable. i was then in rage. the pc in office also frequently hanged. and i had to restored the os from backup and finished the working time in office.
after work time i continued working on my home pc to register. but first i had to install lively clients. the pc again broken and can't access the internet. today i got known from the tips popup by my firewall that it conflicted with one of windows security patch, which i likely just updated my os with. however,  i manually adding port rule in my firewall and i logon to google lively successfully. then in the coming 3 hours i claimed and setup all my family frequent used titles. they r list below.

warranzh at google lively
beinzh at google lively
warwinzh at google lively
China Democracy at google lively
be21zh at google lively
emakingir at google lively
emagarten at google lively
warrantzh at google lively
dabbog at google lively
benzyrnill at google lively
faezrland at google lively
warrenzh at google lively
Zhudajiu at google lively
wardzh at google lively

all my friends, hope i can see u in my lively chatroom. pl haunt my space.