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love saves: Masheng accompanies me in chill of death threats.

posted Apr 2, 2010, 1:31 AM by Benz rad   [ updated Apr 2, 2010, 1:33 AM ]
proxy working strangely last afternoon. so launched to refine new blogger blogs and google sites. ema came over to send me living expense of ¥300 after work time. i then penniless. this morning arranged to finish many delayed task since the fatally dead China surveillance a month ago, adding group profile onto family posterous blogs. lagged heavily by slow traffic, but narrowly done. it drizzled in early night yesteray, when i left office later than 8pm. in the night it continued to snow and shallowly covered ground with white. now its spring, so it soon melt, just like a miracle. its now pale in sky. praying God pardon me lingering in office all work time in this week. i really have a full load of works. praying God guard my works against spying dog, the China surveillance. visit family new member sites:
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a mild snow after second drizzle in lunar 2010.^yesterday i stayed in office over time. the sky later turns gloomy&yellow, likely sandstorm in air. i prayed God for his mightiness and bliss for i lingering in office all day, not retreated to dorm as usual. the facing evil absent all work day, while the monitor, a criminal, was arranged to accompany tourism from the company to Anhui Prov. in the wellfare policy of labor union. i enjoyed surfing non-stop so much, and the only pain is sometimes my ass. last night when i returned to dorm, a cat asking my feeding. it was hurt, a long wound on its back, very brutal. i bought 2 sausage for it, and fed it manually, but it didn't ate much. the owner of the cat in the dorm said he don't know who hurt the cat, but the cat likely fear the young man in th dorm. Masheng, last night i again reviewed our golden moment in Nankai Univ, thank u for the white&saint gift, the snow, pl join me sooner. God, saves the kitty, even u tells me i shouldn't raise pets, and cats don't align with my world in ur shine, in righteous and beautiful and fit. thx.

From first rain in lunar 2010
From first rain in lunar 2010

below is my web comments on last day in Mar, 2010.


first spring rain in 2010.^last night i enjoy music, esp. Jolin Tsi's songs, after 11pm. the full moon still very bright. in the night i slept sound but woke up by rain drip on the roof. some time after 8am i got up to see the rain. its a small rain, but i guess very valueable for peasant. the cloudy sky still let me doubt, but i m assured its a blessing day.


a week at watch.^this week i almost kept mute, abiding God's rule, and in favor of my girl zhou. it has been 2 days in sequence in brilliant sunshine, let me enjoyed flying with breeze so far. yesterday i visit baby as he lets, reinstalled his favorite game, "Cloudy.with.a.Chance.of.Meatballs", and some new games just got from web. when i arrived, he was writing his homework, and asked me to play the game on my own while he watched aside. he likely a bit reluctant to be attracted or immersed in the game. so cute&understandable child. he surely sensed the heavy load of competent among nowadays Chinese education. he is just can't be more smarter. after i finished games' setup, he started to play games. his mom, emakingir, cooked us remnant of their last meal, lamb chops, and its real lamb chops i almost first time ate, and really satisfied me. when i busy with backup dvds, fine tuned family sites' bookmarks against China surveillance, baby was brought by his mom haunted outside for sunburn. baby accepted my camera. baby's mom, emakingir, reluctant to shot photos, and indeed shot some photos in which baby's image all small. after they returned, i introduced new feature extension of google browser, chrome, to ema, and she gladly shown interest on domestic microblogs, even promised digging on them coming years. i then went to shower and haircut, both let me relaxed. bought baby sugar gourd&icecream. the grocer talked about deposit for their baby's higher education, which let me assured no one on the earth more glorious or richer than my baby son, warrenzh, owner of domain, Hope of China, God of Universe. when baby eating the gourd while watching animation online, i held him on my laptop and exchanged our view on Heaven, family duty, and our bandage. i at a rush to prepare leaving, but exact the moment with baby on my laptop, i felt the world so peaceful and boundless rich. on way to bus stop, God let me take taxi to return my dorm, and 2 taxies just porting on the bus stop which is empty. the taxi i picked equipped with a powerful audio system, which let me phrase it to the driver. in the restaurant i haunted several times recently for Chinese food, esp. rice, i was served a Japanese bean curd. the little restaurant changed owner, while the cook was remained. i promised to taste its new feature dish, fried ducks' heads, next time.

this morning i got up around 9am, went to office at once. China surveillance sniffing my surfing more closely, any sites i visited need twice refresh before it appears. google was blocked but sometimes working again. baby's desktop strangely can't play online movies, but soon resumed to work when i directing baby's mom how to diagnose the problem on the phone. after the only meal near 4pm, i haunted outside for last sunshine of the day, also brought some orange for birds in the dorms area. the early spring urges more leisure people outside for refreshment. the full moon these days appears earlier than usual, assured me more closer my task here to my destiny. after i settled in dorm and started to log expense, God let me know i can blog again to satisfy my beloved, as well as my job here on the earth. its really lovable moment these days in a week.

bright day with rich dinner.^slept lately. dreamed but forgot content. baby visited me twice&urged me to got up. but i felt too sleepy to abide him. when i finally got up, i found the evil grandma playing chess with baby. her posture very sinful, toward baby. i at once created all games shortcuts on desktop as baby asked. when baby started to game on pc, i lingered awhile watching baby's gaming, then left. when i arrived office, its 9:30am. fine tuned my chrome's pinned tabs, manually coding till satisfied. sorted portable, dvd backup. retreated to dorm just after 1pm, continued to watch movie "hurt locker" till notebook run out of battery. dozed awhile till chatter from dorm administrators turned louder. reviewed my girl zhou, who talked with her cellphone yesterday when i walking to bus stop. at the moment i a bit hated her, for her indifferent to my appeals. but after all i know God granted a dewy girl, with who i at least have a twin, who is virtuous, and wise&attending with dignity. returned to office at 4pm. the sunshine was quite bright. read&download. later buzzed baby's mom, emakingir, to see if she had problem with her new attempt to build&maintain her QQ group with her colleagues&students. she said her busy with course ware&would like to discuss with me if she in the task. dined with Taiwan feature rice, and dumplings in the western style Chinese restaurant near my dorm. a man stood outside of the noodle restaurant when i passed it. returned to dorm, still felt the bliss from Masheng, Heaven. roamed about one hour, then blog, with new hope to meet my girl zhou. finished watching movie, hurt locker. check my posts online, then slept after 11pm.

reunited with baby son in dragon head lunar holiday.^got up at 7:20am. in office read after posting tweets. sorted stuff from web. refined some family google profiles. some deep insight in articles from e-magazine, economist, invited my review. the parties' dispute, the history burden in Japan's government-dominating economics. buzzed baby's mom, emakingir's land phone, but the grandma there said her daughter just left. baby said brought to hospital in the morning. baby son reluctant talk to me when i buzzed again just wanting to listen him. returned to dorm just after 2pm, dozed for about half&an hour. brought clothing to laundry of QRRS dorms, the woman just leaving for today is lunar holiday to eat pig's head meat. that remind me visiting baby son this night, now that i just got a baby game, toy story mania, a Disney product, and a compensation for one baby policy abiding, ¥60, dispatched at 1pm in office. met the leaving grandma on way, they just dined with the traditional food. ema later cooked me rice&fried mouton sticks. i busy with install games, demonstrated ema computer skill, synchronized data among family 3 computers. after dinner we ate together, ema read novel online, while i tried new games with baby. after 10pm, i strongly suggested family watching movies "hurt locker" i got gain from web, but only baby &me watched about half an hour, then baby asked to sleep. we slept divided: baby&his mom slept in baby's room while i slept in bedroom alone. what a bright day!

From life as it extends
From life as it extends
From life as it extends