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claimed my family accounts with mobile site host

posted Jul 14, 2008, 11:57 PM by Benz rad   [ updated Jul 14, 2008, 11:58 PM ]
i got the news of, which i first time know, that it now support custom domain mapping, that interested me. i immediately see that mobile site would be prevailing in coming times. after registered myself an account, i found the site's design quite beautiful and its function was powerful. i can't wait but claimed all my family frequently used ids or subdomains, and till customized all of them i took a break. now i own my mobile site for mobile readers. i like the idea very much. its a great way of socializm and improving my brand's penetrating.
ok,  here is the title list under my family accounts. i wouldn't let any of them fleet.
benzillar at mofuse
benzyrnill at mofuse
faezrland at mofuse
China Democracy at mofuse
zhudajiu at mofuse
imakeit at mofuse
be21zh at mofuse
beinzh at mofuse
warrenzh at mofuse
warranzh at mofuse
warrantzh at mofuse
warwinzh at mofuse
wardzh at mofuse
emakingir at mofuse
emagarten at mofuse
emakeit at mofuse