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claimed mirror sites for warren's and mine on google sites

posted May 23, 2008, 11:19 PM by Benz rad   [ updated May 23, 2008, 11:19 PM ]
i got the news since yesterday that google sites now open for registry. i didn't get agiled by the news, thinking my sites under my domain was sufficient, till this morning read the group discuss on gfan. i then assured that my sites on open directory of google sites would help to spread my words of changes. then i launched to registering. after i finished my sites mirror creation on google sites and adding those links to my google document, dog in China surveillance launched blocking. just after i registered warren, my baby son and the hope of China, an site in title of "warranzh, China under war fire-baptism", my registering was blocked and report location occupied. and my google site redirected to, and my registry was under url like, not previous i tried several proxies but didn't work. i broke for lunch. after lunch soon the google site/site/xxx was accessible but again my baby's domain was occupied and my claims were rebuffed. i finally had to adding suffix of "21" to the rest 3 domain. shits dog!  they will never own the domain of my baby, but just keep it for reservation in dark, for the future we can contact google directly and resume them all, in a day we say and saluted to come.
now ur will see the fruits of the task:
Google AppChina Democracy | Google App
Google Sitesmy memory for my passed dad
Google Sites zhudajiu朱大九——龙泉之眼
Google SitesChina Democracy
Google Sitesbenzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly...
Google Sites be21zh, bring China abreat 21 Century with world democracy.
Google Siteswarranzh, China under fire-baptism
Google Siteswarrantzh, arms China to safeguard the world
Google Siteswarwinzh, save China from fire-baptism
Google Siteswardzh, treat China in its longest nightmare.