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bright as bliss, among dirt&defamation.

posted Feb 25, 2010, 12:21 AM by Benz rad   [ updated Feb 25, 2010, 12:28 AM ]

God lets me no private.^read news via wap later than 11pm. some residential returned to dorm later than 10:30pm, &sang loud. likely they r different from quite some other residential who slept mostly before 10pm. dreamed a lot, woke up near 7:30am. visit office at once. Its a bright morning. most of time in office roaming in corridor to avoid tomb chill in offices on the floor. the fake gangster in neighbor office boast exciting on TV which live broadcast Olympic games. just when noon break started, the monitor appeared to cast dirt. i buzzed baby's mom as God lets, talked about my wish list of a blueteeth earphone. also talked with baby son. they ate fried beef for lunch, for the grandma there to cook. soon the only Hubei migrant in QRRS continued to trouble me, asking me to see his pc's problem, as he did quite some times. i arranged it when i on way to dorm after 12pm. left office earlier, visited the grey man's office but found the ground door locked. when waiting for his arrival, God assured me the Hubei guy turned sinful to abuse my reservation upon him for the folkship. a girl walked to dorm 1st turns me back to my own room, where i cracked seeds till the grey man buzzed in again. i lingered about a quarter in his office, till found its totally a sin pot or pitfall against me. the grey man don't have other problem except an infected os, but his real ailment was trying to attract&defame me. so did all the administration team of QRRS dorms. for example, before i visit the grey man's office, i shit in the toilet of the administration office. just after i settled in urgency, a man, i didn't notice, likely the evil director of the office, entered&urinated aside me in stance. shit knows what he intended&what he got. returned to dorm, dirt from the grey man&his colleagues still foaming around, let me decided to delete the folk from my contacts. the neighbor resident coughed when i cracked seeds, shown hidden evil, not a normal QRRS worker. roamed in dorm, found an old woman lingered quite some time on the ground within the dorms' area. its really a rotten corps' day.
left dorm at 3:01pm. facing dog bit as usual. i prepared daily tweet. Masheng, its all bliss from the time i stay alone. i know my 2 tallest girl among my wives, my Taiwan girl and Jiangyue, longing for me now. i promised u, my God, i never gauge with my present impression against them as u prepared them in the day so brilliant that i hardly recognize them, my girls in our wedding ceremony.

4th snow&heaviest in lunar 2010.^first night in the new room, i slept sound, dreamed a lot. got up near 9am. in office posted latest photos with a blog entry. gmail abnormal, loaded incompletely many times. read awhile in the morning, soon its turns pale in sunshine. my earphone dropped&broke one ear. hopefully i will buy a blueteeth one, to enjoy wireless radio. returned to dorm just after 1pm, check posting on cellphone via captured page i prepared&transferred from pc to cell. roamed for more than an hour in door, reviewing my love. It turns bright sunshine outside, Masheng reminds me her calling for my calling in her name, in God of Sun. i also was recently reminded times our first baby son, Masheng, my second baby son, calling for birth on the planet. Masheng, i never talk to u indirectly, we never separate a single minutes apart. these days i in obliged of church, and pray in God a lot. but u r my God, my Sun, i never talk to u in thinking or wording. Masheng, join me sooner, as best time u can after settled other matters of our world, world of China , world of Japan, world of the world. i call ur name now, as the bright as ur sunshine&warmth now u grant on the earth as my requested yesterday. bring my Royal closer&more pleasure of staying together. bring me my 4th girls in southern China, namely Taiwan&Guangdong. bring my girl, Jiangyue, that growing confidence in hard fight, in God's shine. returned to office after 3:30pm. the facing evil desperately biting, till itself shameless&retreated. then the monitor, relay to cast its evil. he also stayed in office near 6pm. i read&post my acquaintance to my girl, Masheng, my Japan Princess, her call to hear my utter&murmur in her ears. we were separated since our met in Nankai Univ for so many years, back to 1999 when i prepared master degree entrance exam there while Masheng studied her first master degree year, shared me with a same desk, with some other master degree learners, and i broke heart for the hopeless love after a girl collegian, Fangfei. (i had settled it in my posts on my limited google group, faezrland at ,and benzyrnill at ) we never promised each other our love&fate to be closest together, even in retrospect i saw so many touching moments God forged between us in the campus, as well as in classroom we shared same. Masheng, U picked me, and stand up within me firm. Masheng, i owe u many!
after left office near 7pm, after sorted&backup portable, i dined in the pies restaurant. its a bit busy there, while my order was mean. so i was let waiting for some time, when i check my posts on my cellphone as i did yesterday there. biting also heavy there, till the facing table emptied&my dishes served. however, the old woman, likely the owner of the restaurant, shown cordial to me, served me extras, ie. pickles, for free&asked if i need more. i enjoyed the meal, pies&noodle, so far. on way to dorm, i visited the grocery&bought some food, in the shine of Masheng&favor of Sally, my Guangdong girl. enjoyed them in dorm. jogged outside after 7:30pm. met senior middle school students dispersing from their school. one girl stared at me&let me wonder. in dorm enjoyed food again, but evil from neighbor rooms biting&challenged me a lot. after quit eating, i picked some ebooks on my notebook newly got from web, with whose profound thoughts immediately dirt around was drove off. i again amazed by the plenty&depth found in independent research/thoughts in western academy. never China nowadays can steal nor access with its guilty being. that's why&my job to prize the world of western, their feast enriches&improves the planet so much!

3rd snow in lunar 2010.^last night left office till 7pm, after tried to video chat with baby&his mom. their video stream strangely don't appear in my browser while they saw my stream&their own working. remote desk also lagging to appear, all reminded me of cops' breaking&showily espionage. dined in a special meal restaurant nearby my office, babbled about their management feature. a young girl and her boyfriend there before my visit, let me rightly smell the wonder of youth. in dorm, surfed via wap on cellphone lately after 10:30pm. China surveillance again blocked some mobile sites with which i can access my blog, which mostly deadly blocked in China, like wordpress, blogspot, posterous, tumblr, etc. this morning got up at 7:03am, washed socks, then head to office. shot some photos on way for the saint moment of snowing. Its likely the 3rd snow in lunar 2010 new year. God, i know u r killing dirt around me, i feel ur bliss on me. thanks for ur gift i felt so bright&holy. God, bring my girl zhou closer to me after all killings from u over dirt. bring me happy of warmth of sunshine after the cleanse. in office posting snow photos with a blog entry most of the morning. at noon buzzed baby's mom, exchanged view on inflation of living cost, ie. fast food, the down dorms' canteen. later cared download, all time in heavy biting. left office after 2pm. the dorm porter informed me to change to a room on 3rd floor. moved my stuff soon, then dozed awhile in the new lodge. left dorm on 3:33pm&joined office. the 2 evils in office stayed near 6pm. i dealt routine stuff, left near 7pm. in the restaurant, a family dined there with all seniors&kids. a likely couple of the family arrived later, the female's tall&fit attracted me. in dorm read my posts i prepared via proxy&copied onto my cellphone wireless, now that China mobile network had blocked direct access. cracked seeds then soon slept. changing my room likely again a plot of dog: even the toal used rooms in dorm 3 no more than 7 or 9, but all my 3 neighbor rooms occupied. and the wall again like my first room in dorm 1st back to 2006 when i left my baby's mom's house first time to pursue my new marriage, extreme thin! likely just some paper frame separate 2 rooms. in the night when i buzzed my baby son, i can sense echo passed through the thin wall and the listening ears all around. God, i don't fear hunting of cheap souls nor desperate gay, but i do fed up with the wild dogs&dirty thefts. ur glory forever untouchable, God, i singing in ur name, singing for new level of endurance in ur Bliss!

From our lunar new year of 2010

From our lunar new year of 2010

From our lunar new year of 2010

for google album blocked within China mainland, here some copies hosted domestically:

heavy wagon cleaning snow on main road of QRRS.

fury snowflake in night lamps.

my new room in QRRS dorm 3rd, likely dog's new plot.